Pressing on…

What to do when you have so much to say and no clue where to start…..I guess you just start. Prayerfully begin, one step of faith at a time. I live in fear of what people will think of me. To be honest, I am probably harder on myself than anyone else is on me but I am trying to trust where God is leading me and I believe He wants me to write. To tell my story. We all have a story to tell. I absolutely love hearing other people’s stories and how God has worked in their lives and is working in their lives. What He is teaching them. We have a lot to learn about God through others. He wants us to share these things with others. It’s how I was introduced to Him, by hearing how He loves us despite our flaws, mistakes, sins, failures…He still loves us. I am still in awe of this and always will be. His love amazes me. I would like to share more of my story with you and so here I am pressing on with my blog. I would love to hear some ideas of what all you would like to see here on this page. I’ve been rolling the idea around in my mind of even asking others to share their stories on here. Whatever direction this blog of mine ends up going, I pray God is at the center of it and that others are encouraged by it.

**side note: notice the new logo made my Tori Cherry, isn’t it the cutest! Tori is the owner of Rusted Mint Boutique and does graphic design as well.. y’all go give her a follow!

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