Let go!

I bought a used, turquoise, distressed dresser when my son and I were moving. It would be the perfect replacement of the two I had but did not want to bring to the smaller house. My brother-in-law offered to go pick it up and bring it to the new house. When he arrived to the house I decided to help him. I assumed he needed my help. He was on one side, I the other. We could not see one another and the more he lifted and attempted to move forward with the dresser he wasn’t making any progress. Little did he know, there I was on the other side pulling and tugging, apparently making it all the more difficult for him. He finally said, “Let Go!”. I hesitated thinking he didn’t have it and would potentially drop it or strain himself. However, my brother-in-law isn’t one to speak unless he means business, so, I let go. Sure enough, he had it without my help. In fact, my so-called help was actually getting in the way. It was making it harder for him to do what he had came there to do: move the dresser. This got me to thinking this morning on my way to work, this is a perfect picture of my walk with the Lord sometimes! Oh how I love to try to “help” Him with somethings in my life that I need to let go of. Not so much do I try to control as to try to figure it all out and “help”. I jump ahead with what I feel is the next thing, even if it is the next thing, I don’t always wait on Him. I begin to notice myself looking way too far into things and jumping the gun before I am 100% sure it is what God is wanting me to do. I am seeing a pattern here and that I do it all out of fear. I fear if I don’t get in there to assist, it won’t get done. Do any of you do this? Maybe it’s something you’ve been waiting on for so long and praying for and you feel it is taking too long. OR maybe you’re more like me and hard on yourself, you look around at everyone else and see what they have and think maybe you missed something or maybe you are doing something wrong. I have found I put too much emphasis on me and my own ability.

“What am “I” doing wrong?.”

“Maybe “I” am not praying right or reading my Bible enough.”

“What if I missed something?”

I am learning it is not about my ability. It’s about me becoming fully dependent on God. Can I just say, I am so thankful for God’s patience with me?! Goodness He is so patient, loving and even when I am difficult He is still teaching me. Realizing that no matter what I do He uses it for good, for teaching, convicting, helping me to grow. Boy, I am just so thankful. I have a long way to go in my Christian walk. I get so excited as he does teach me new things. Those ah-ha moments are priceless! Such as the dresser ah-ha moment, “Let go, Emily!, just let go, I’ve got this”. What a great reminder of how important surrendering to the Lord truly is. Trusting Him not with just specific things but with EVERYTHING. God’s got it! Be patient, listen, obey, and REST in HIM.

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