Let Your Light Shine

Isaiah 41:13
For I am the Lord your God, who holds your right hand, who says to you, “Do not fear, I will help you.”

I look back at the prayer journals I have kept over the past 3 years and through them all is so much doubt. I pray and I DO believe God can do the things He has promised but do I believe He will? For whatever reason, as soon I begin to believe, confidently, that He is going to answer those prayers I begin to doubt. Thoughts go through my mind like, “Did I hear Him right?”, “Am I praying the right way?”, “Am I not doing something right?”… Do you see a pattern here? I am placing the power within myself. I put WAY too much pressure on myself. I feel if I don’t do things just right, I am going to mess His plans up. Now that I am typing this out, it sounds so ridiculous. That saying comes to mind also, “If you think you’ve blown God’s plan for your life, rest in this, you my beautiful friend, are not that powerful.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe we do have choices. It is called free will. We are not robots. BUT if we are praying, getting into His word, and truly seeking out what He wants for us, He is faithful to guide us. If we are choosing our own path with little thought of what the Lord’s will is for our lives, then no, we may not be on the path He has set out for us. But even if we make the wrong choice, He is faithful to steer us back on the right path.
As Christians, we are put on pedestals, we are expected to be perfect. The thing is, we are not. Once we accept Jesus into our hearts, we are not perfect but forgiven. I was saved for 10 years before I truly started walking with the Lord. Seeking out His will for my life. I still mess up, but He is faithful to guide me back. He gives us, as Christians, the Holy Spirit to guide us. Do we always abide by it, no. I know I don’t. But that is part of being human. We are going to mess up, but that is how we learn. And as we learn, we can help others. If we are honest with one another, what an impact we can make. The most relatable people are real, honest, open people. Not ones who portray to have it all together, not those who are closed off in fear of what people think. I am guilty of allowing that fear to close me off at times. It takes a vulnerable person to show their faults, past mistakes, their insecurities…. But those are things that draw people in. I know they do for me. Those people that have faced life’s hard times and allowed the Lord to carry them through. Those that come out on the other side stronger and able to continue moving forward with hope. Hope that this isn’t all the Lord has for us. Those that believe that good comes out of even the hardest times. In some of my darkest times, the thought that if even one person comes to know the Lord through all of this, it is worth it. Let’s hold onto hope that those dark times are opening doors for light to shine in someone else’s life. That light is Jesus. This life is temporary but life with Jesus is eternal. Allow the Lord to hold your hand and help you through this life.

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