Wherever He Leads I’ll Go

Shortly after we began to move forward with our divorce the Good Lord brought me to Genesis 50:21, “So then, don’t be afraid. I will provide for you and your children”.  I remember feeling such peace after reading that. And He has never failed to fulfill that promise.

Initially, when I thought of the word “provide”, I immediately thought of basic necessities: roof over our heads, food on the table, car to drive, clothes on our backs, etc… As time has gone on, I have come to realize He meant more than that. We all have desires in our hearts, some we will see come to fruition, some we may not. As I began seeking the Lord’s will for my life, I prayed so many times for Him to transform my desires into His desires. I only want what He has in store for me and my son. Slowly, with lots of prayer and digging into His word, He began leading me. One step at a time, the desires I have, the longings in my heart were transforming into His will for me. No longer following my own free will, but His. Am I perfect in this walk, no, not in the least. And I am thankful that when I do get off course that He is faithful to always lead me back on.

In the fall of 2016, I surrendered my desires of having a traditional “family”. Surrendered what I thought I had. As I sat there with tear-filled eyes looking at those divorce papers in front me, I struggled. I knew the Lord was leading me to let go. He could see the bigger picture & my soon to be ex’s heart. I couldn’t, yet I had to trust the Lord in this and be obedient in His leading. The hymn, “Wherever He leads I’ll go..” kept playing in my mind. And I knew then I needed to move forward, as hard as it was and as much as I did not want to. He was loud and clear in what I was to do.

Now, two years later, He has brought me a long way. I still have the desire to have a “family”. May not be your traditional family but being a wife and caring for my husband, a home and children are HUGE desires in my heart. I want to have a 50th wedding anniversary, or longer even, my Granny and Pop were married 71 years… I plan on living for a long time. ha!! 🙂 These desires are real and I believe they are desires the Lord has placed on my heart. In that, I am confident He will fulfill them one day. He will provide. I can now look back and say that I am thankful for this “broken road” He has led me down because my relationship with Jesus has grown abundantly. I now seek Him in even the smallest decisions I make so I am thankful that now I can pray for my future husband and family and know He will be at the center of it.  (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

5 thoughts on “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go”

  1. You remind me so much of my life and how its unfolded, after I had gotten out of my bad relationship. I thought there was no such thing as a broken home, I was determined to make it work, but I realized that part of my life happened for a reason. Some days I still think back and don’t understand, why I had to go through what I went through. But I know there was a reason and l definitely learned, what I wanted and didn’t want my life to be like. I remember giving up and saying ok Lord, I am planning on being a single mom and raising my son, this must be your plan, and I was the most content I had ever been. Then it wasn’t a month to go by and exactly what I had been praying for showed up at my door. I used to pray for a man that would raise my son to be a good respectful man of the community. Now 10 years later he is still my husband and raising our son together. I couldn’t have found a better man. An You see, my great grandparents had 75 years together and I remember thinking I wanted to do that especially in my day and time. But the Lord sent me someone older, there is 24 years between us, and I will not have 75 years with him, but each and everyday I do have with him will be treasured. So regardless how many years you have with someone, its the hours and minutes that are shared that are treasured. Looking back, everything I thought I wanted God showed me different, because he new I needed different. I love my walk with the LORD. Bless you Emily.


    1. Thank you Regina!! I needed this. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. You are blessing to me, knowing you have gone before me and are living in the blessings I long for. Gives me hope. Love you!!!! Would love to sit down with you sometime and talk!


  2. I’m currently on the receiving end of divorce papers similar to what you went through a few years ago. I renewed my faith in God a few years ago; In addition to the Christian values I strive to live out and my heart’s desire to keep my vows through thick and thin, we have a year and a half old son in the middle which, as you understand, makes the situation all the more heartbreaking. I’m currently struggling with that part of me that feels like I’ll be failing my son if I’m not able to save the marriage. Divorce is the single most difficult and devastating thing I’ve ever experienced.

    I just wanted to write to say thank you. I’m sorry you had to go through a similar situation, but it helps to see someone who went through something so similar and came out of it so strong, faith still strong and values in tact.

    God bless.


    1. I am so sorry to hear this. It truly is heart wrenching and with children it makes that much harder. I will be praying for you Tom.


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