I’ve got a baby at home and a to-do list a mile long….

I have so many high expectations of myself. I have never seen myself as a perfectionist but some days I wonder. The need to get things done in my own mind is strong and the feelings of stress are starting to build. My to-do list is a mile long…..in my mind. This morning I decided to start writing the things I want to get done down. Sounds pretty simple, right? After writing them, I decided to share these with my husband when he gets home and hopefully as a team we can achieve them. I already feel a little less anxious. This may sound like an obvious solution to most (even to me, as I type this, I am thinking that yall must assume I am crazy lol) but this simple step that I have looked past for so long because it WAS so simple has made me go crazy! This first step of “just writing it down” has set my sights on the next step, getting it done! It may take a while, because there are many things I want to achieve and I will be adding to it along the way but every step is important. As a Mom, I want to keep my sanity, so many other things will try and cause me to lose it. So, any small step to a better, organized me is helpful.

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