Warmer Weather

Ohhh to see the daffodils in bloom and the sun shining across the fields. Spring is right around the corner! I am pretty sure I say every time of year is my favorite time of year BUT how beautiful is Spring?!  All the plants that “went to sleep” for Winter are awakening, it truly is a gorgeous sight. And what a great reminder of what God has made. Of course, not everything is enjoyable this time of year. We also have to deal with bugs!! Yuck. I swear the side of my house this past Saturday was covered in spiders, my least favorite thing. But like most things, you gotta take the good with the bad.

Being a farmer’s wife, this time of year is bittersweet. It means the end of my husband’s
“downtime” as they gear up for planting season. My son and I will not being seeing him as much at home, instead we will be making trips to the fields. I hate not having him home but at the same time I look forward to getting out there with him. This year my son will really enjoy it out there. Running, playing, getting dirty….it’s going to be a blast!! And who doesn’t like a tractor ride! There are many memories to be made. Brace yourselves for lots of pictures!

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